Tesla Terafactory Texas Construction Update: October 13 [VIDEO]



Progress on Gigafactory Berlin and Terafactory Texas is coming along very nicely, with both expected to be delivering cars by summer 2021.

In a new video Wednesday, YouTube channel Terafactory Texas shared a flyover update of Tesla’s Terafactory Texas, which is currently in progress. The video shows viewers a handful of new features at the construction site, including the pouring of concrete at a number of areas on the land.

A few of the major updates to the upcoming Terafactory include rebar work on the north side with footer blocks ready for concrete, prefab wall panels going up in the south area of the site, a dig area with new concrete (presumably the area for a new casting machine), and the batch plant nearing completion.

Mostly, the recent update includes lots of new concrete, and some concrete to come.

Randy also mentions in the video that something may be happening related to Tesla on the other side of the adjacent tollway. Whether it is or not, it’s certainly within view of the slow-moving drone footage.

However the Texas Terafactory turns out, 2021 is sure to be an exciting summer for Tesla as it opens both its Terafactory and its Berlin Gigafactory.


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