Tesla and Fastned to Build Germany’s Largest Fast-Charging Station

Fastned chargers, courtesy of DE24 News

It’s going to be tough for the world’s charging infrastructure to keep up with the shift from conventional gas cars to modern electric vehicles (EVs). However, with help from a number of companies, including tech EV giant Tesla, the charging network may have a shot at keeping up with demand.

Now, Tesla will Team up with Netherlands company Fastned to build Germany’s largest fast-charging station available, located in Hilden, Germany, as reported by DE24 News. The new lot includes 28 chargers, though it’s prepared for a total of 60.

While the Rhine-Ruhr region of Germany is largely bare of charging stations, in spite of the area being comparable to the size of the Netherlands or California itself. However, the new addition will accommodate a large number of rural residents in the area.

Other companies like Ionity, Electrify America, Electrify Canada, as well as a number of others have followed suit, working with Tesla to improve the charging network. Many of the new charging stations are also simply Tesla’s own, and include its V3 fast-chargers, soon to become the standard in all new charging lots.

As Gigafactory Berlin moves closer and closer to completion, German Tesla fans will likely see an improved charging network by that time – and hopefully, this will be the first of many fast-charging stations to come to Germany within the year.