Tesla Files to Manufacture Battery Cells at New Texas Factory

With the expansion of Tesla’s presence to 3 continents, as well as countless countries throughout the world, Tesla should soon be able to fulfill car deliveries just about anywhere. And where it will the manufacture of its new 4680 battery will also help the electric vehicle (EV) go global.

On Thursday, Bloomberg reported that Tesla has made state filings to propose building battery packs on site within the EV company’s upcoming Texas factory. Previously, it was known that the Texas Terafactory would be producing its anticipated Cybertruck, though it was not clear if anything else would be built out of the factory.

The filings were made through the Texas regulator in July, in order to follow regulations for a permit-by-rule registration process. The plans would allow the company to construct proper equipment for use at the manufacturing site.

According to a 188-page air-quality application submitted to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, “The facility is proposing to operate a cell-manufacturing unit to produce the battery packs that are installed in the vehicle.”

In spite of the filing, Tesla is still currently working with Panasonic, LG Chem, and Contemporary Amperex Technology to supply its batteries, though it has also begun manufacturing its own at the Fremont factory.

If approved, the move would grant Tesla another advantage to its supply chain manufacturing, and would likely increase production efficiency substantially.