Tesla in Early Talks with Indonesia for Potential Investment

After Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s recent remarks about expanding into India, new reports say the electric vehicle (EV) company is looking to move into another Asian country soon.

Tesla is doing early talks with the Indonesian government about a potential investment in the country’s nickel production, according to Reuters.

Indonesia is a primary producer of nickel in the world, although it is not currently exporting its nickel. If it can guarantee mining practices ethical enough for Tesla to approve, then the company will likely move in on the deal and begin working with the EV giants.

An Indonesian nickel smelting organization, built and run by China’s Tsingshan Group and partners, recently withdrew a request to dispose of waste in the ocean, according to an official of the Indonesian government on Friday. This, along with other red flags for the country’s nickel practices, carry enormous weight if a deal like this is to go through with Tesla.


Ayodhia Kalake, a senior official at the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment said in a statement Monday, “It was still an early discussion and was not detailed yet.” He continued, “We need further discussion with Tesla.”

Ayodhia also spoke to a number of investment incentives Indonesia offers for EVs, adding the request sent to the Indonesian government from Tesla had been rather informal thus far.

Whether Tesla decides to do business with Indonesia or not, it will have to continue to refine its search for ethical mining – and hopefully Indonesia will have something to offer in that department.