Tesla 12V Battery Life Improvements and More Coming via Software Update: Elon Musk



Well, once again Elon Musk is hinting at new and upcoming improvements to battery life, but this time addressing the 12V battery in Teslas. With Battery Day one week away, it’s safe to say we’re all ready to see what Tesla has to unveil.

In a response on Twitter, Musk suggested that new and improved software features to increase 12V battery life were already on their way.

He was responding to a stern suggestion made by account @teslavibes, saying that Tesla owners need a warning when the 12 volt battery is going to die.

Musk responded, “Couldn’t agree more,” before stating that “major software improvements are already in place to extend its life & more coming.”

It’s tough to say exactly what Musk means in the tweet, but we’ll likely find out within the week – Battery Day is next Tuesday, and it’s already been building up quite the reputation.

Musk himself once said Battery Day was to be the most exciting day in Tesla’s history, and has tweeted cryptic comments about the day ever since. Other analysts have shared they expect a “million-mile battery” to be released. Still, others have speculated as to whether Tesla will sell its new batteries to other electric vehicle (EV) companies.

Regardless of the outcome, with Battery Day on the horizon, it’s certainly an exciting time for the EV industry.


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