Tesla Apple Watch App Coming Soon? Currently “In The Works” Claims Insider

Tesla iphone app

There’s a Tesla app for the iPhone, but what about an app for Apple Watch? According to one Tesla insider, there is currently an app for Apple Watch “in the works”.

Whole Mars Catalog (@WholeMarsBlog) said on Twitter recently, “a little birdie in my DMs says Apple Watch Tesla app really is in the works.”

While there have been numerous third-party Apple Watch apps for purchase (such as StatsApp at $29.99 USD or Remote for Tesla at $27.99 USD) that let you control your Tesla, an official app (that’s free) from the electric vehicle maker would be a welcomed addition.

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These third party apps already let you warm up your Tesla battery, schedule your climate control and charging, get notifications and more.

A native watchOS Tesla app to perform functions of the regular Tesla app, plus with built-in complications into Apple Watch faces would be a huge update. Imagine being able to summon your Tesla using your Apple Watch (just pray Siri can understand you) while your hands are full.

A recent FCC filing appeared to mention Tesla alongside partner Xplora, speculating both would be part of a smartwatch undertaking. But given how Apple Watch has dominated the industry, would there really be a need for yet another watch, especially from Tesla? It didn’t make sense.

Apple does have a relatively new CarKey API that allows its Apple Watch (and iPhone) to act as a virtual key using NFC, but so far only BMW is the first partner.

Could Tesla be working on an Apple Watch app when watchOS 7 releases this fall? We’ll have to wait and find out.