‘Linus Tech Tips’ Buys Tesla Model Y for In-Laws, Voices Criticism [VIDEO]

Tesla is on top of the world right now, though some are still offering valid criticisms of the company’s product and process.

On Wednesday, Linus of YouTube and Twitter channels Linus Tech Tips released a video about his experience purchasing a Tesla Model Y for his in-laws. In it, he discussed the process of delivery and dealing with the customer service representatives at the car company.

Linus expressed criticism for the automotive tech giant’s delivery process and product on both Twitter and YouTube. Not soon after a Tweet about his experience, he received a hefty dose of backlash, which he went on to address in the video.

While the tweet in question sparked heavy debate, many Reddit users actually supported Linus’ stance and shared their own bad experiences with Tesla through comments on the video in the subreddit TeslaMotors.

One Reddit commenter said his recent service experience had been “less than desirable,” and even claimed he couldn’t recommend the company to anyone else. Others said the constructive criticism about big companies like this should “always be welcomed,” and that the company had “many flaws that [are] left unfixed.”

Hopefully, these delivery criticisms are heard by the still-growing electric car company. If so, it’ll simply lead the world to better, more efficient cars and processes by which they are delivered.