Tesla Offers Free Supercharging for Inventory Model 3 Purchases Until June 30: Report



The second quarter of 2020 is coming to a close for the electric vehicle titan Tesla Inc. While their Q1 Earnings Report shared mostly positive news, the company is scrambling to complete the second quarter of the year with similar success. As a result, they are making some moves to entice customers into buying inventory cars such as the Model 3. To that end, Tesla is offering some attractive Supercharger incentives for those who make a purchase.

For any customer who makes a purchase of an inventory Model 3 by the end of the month, they will receive one year of free Supercharging, reports Electrek. The offer is quite a generous one. Not only has the Model 3 continued to impress electric vehicle enthusiasts, but the Tesla Supercharger network also seems to be on the rise in many places. With such a widespread network of Supercharger stations available around the world, a free year of charging is no minor benefit.

There are a few reasons for Tesla to offer such a generous incentive. As sources over at Electrek clarified, “Due to [Tesla] forgoing the dealer model and owning the entire distribution process, Tesla owns its vehicles all the way until it’s handed over the customer, which means that its financials can look bad at the end of the quarter if they produced many unsold vehicles.”

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