Here’s the U.S. Tesla Model 3 with Wireless Charging and USB-C Ports [PICS]



American-made Tesla Model 3 cars now come with wireless charging for smartphones and USB-C ports in the rear, matching a new feature found in the company’s Model Y SUV.

Tesla owners on the Tesla Motors Club Forums were first to report being called by their service advisors last week, indicating new June Model 3 production lines would include wireless phone charging and USB-C ports.

As these new builds have finally been released into the wild, numerous Model 3 owners have now shared images of wireless charging and USB-C to confirm the news.

TMC forum member ‘beyondsapiens’ posted an update to show a trio of pictures of the new feature upgrade. Below, you can see USB-C ports for rear passengers below cooling and heating vents:

Model 3 usb c ports

Wireless charging for smartphones at the front can be seen below:

Model 3 wireless charging

The wireless charging pad is powered by the USB-C port, as seen below, while a USB-A port is on the right:

Wireless charging usb A usb C

“So I picked up my car yesterday, and contrary to what my SA had told me, it actually ended up having wireless charging and the USB-C ports in the back–a pleasant surprise!”, said ‘beyondsapiens’, in images shared on Wednesday.

Numerous other Tesla Model 3 owners who picked up their June builds similarly corroborated the addition of wireless charging and USB-C.

The owners who have received this upgrade in their U.S.-made Model 3s said they had VINs ranging from 710XXX to 717XXX and 718XXX, although there doesn’t appear to be a pattern as Tesla VINs are not sequential.

Did your recent Model 3 delivery include this wireless charging and USB-C upgrade?


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