Tesla Model 3 Gets Wireless Charger, USB Port Upgrades in the U.S.

The Tesla Model 3 received some recent upgrades to its interior hardware. The vehicle made a statement upon its initial release, offering superior battery power and marvellous performance numbers. Since then, Tesla has made a number of adjustments and upgrades to maintain the Model 3’s stature and reputation as a staple in the world of electric vehicles.

A new hardware upgrade affects the US-made Model 3. As Electrek reports, the US-made Model 3 introduces some features only seen previously on Tesla’s China-made Model 3. According to Electrek, “we speculated that Tesla would also bring the features to Model 3 vehicles built in Fremont, which was shut down at the time due to the pandemic. Now we learn that Tesla has indeed updated Model 3 vehicles made in the US with the Qi wireless phone charger and USB-C ports.”

The change in production follows several upgrades the company made with its international offerings. If the past is any reliable indicator, it’s likely the same features will be included in future Model 3 productions. Those who have older Model 3s still have the option to order wireless charging upgrades.

These new interior additions and more speak to Tesla China’s innovation. With upgraded batteries on the horizon and new facilities in place, Tesla’s Chinese ambition has reached new heights in recent months.