Elon Musk Says More Tesla Superchargers are ‘Coming Soon’ to Los Angeles

Tesla Supercharger stations have as much of an impact on electric vehicle transportation as Tesla vehicles themselves. When the company began installing the Supercharger station network a few years ago, Tesla vehicle adoption was far lower than it is in the current day. As a result, the company scrambles to install and activate new Supercharger stations across North America and elsewhere.

In response to a fan tweet that mentioned the lack of Supercharger stations in West Los Angeles, Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded. Musk’s tweet said, “Coming soon.” The original tweet mentioning Musk, which was posted by user @jgold310 hinted at delays in the Supercharger station installations. He said, “Please sir can we have more superchargers in West LA? These are a year+ delayed and we really need them here.”

Of course, urban hot spots such as Los Angeles may owe themselves towards advanced Tesla usage. As a result, drivers require more Supercharger stations. Even so, Tesla has remained vigilant in providing access to charging stations in Canada and other locations across North America. A new Supercharger station installed in Centennial, Colorado even offers access to 12 stalls.

Special V3 Supercharger stations offer must faster charging rates compared to V2 predecessors, able to reduce charging times. Tesla’s drivers continue to make use of these special stations and standard stations across the world. It’s reasonable to assume Tesla will continue installing them.