Black-on-Black Tesla Model Y Performance Deliveries Look Stunning [PICS]

Tesla continues to deliver its Model Y compact SUV to customers in the United States and now we are finally seeing more Solid Black on black versions appear, as opposed to just Pearl White, Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic and Red.

According to images shared by Steven S. within a Tesla Model Y group on Facebook, the owner detailed his Model Y Performance with added Performance Upgrade delivery experience, at the Marina Del Rey delivery centre in California. This upgraded variant of the Tesla Model Y includes 21’’ Überturbine Wheels and performance brakes.

Tesla model y black on black

Image via Steve S.

Early builds of Tesla’s Model Y has been criticized by some owners, with some rejecting deliveries over defects and other quality control issues.

“I pointed out two items that I was not pleased with but not enough to reject the car: frunk and charger door fitment about which I’ve seen several posts in various forums. Anthony said he believed Tesla would repair them if we made a service call soon. All in all, the delivery process was a good experience,” said Steven.

Tesla model y black on black 2

Image via Steve S.

According to Steven, he added he was close to rejecting the delivery, “but the issues with this car compared to many others I had seen appeared to be correctable and relatively minor. I was surprised to see the paint job was well done.”

Tesla model y black on black 3

Image via Steve S.

Another user commenting on Steven’s post, Rishi K., also detailed their delivery of the same Tesla Model Y build, on Sunday, but in Fremont. “Nearly the same concerns and experience. Back seat minor misaligned and small gap between driver doors. Otherwise great car!! Congrats and enjoy,” said Rishi.

The first Model Y deliveries hit the United States in March and Canada last week and more continue to be delivered to owners.