Video Shows How Tesla Autopilot Handles a Moving Stop Sign



image via Fred Hassen on Twitter

Tesla electric vehicles have an advanced autopilot system in Tesla Autopilot. As of late, the vehicle’s flagship autonomous driving feature has received some impressive updates. A beta test version of a new Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control mode showcased the system’s new abilities to react to traffic in real-time. Now, in a video posted to Twitter by Fred Hassen, viewers get an insight as to how Tesla Autopilot deals with a moving stop sign.

As you can see in the video, the driver cruises behind a vehicle with a stop sign attached to the rear. A quick overview of Tesla Autopilot shows its ability to respond to stop signs. However, the system differentiates between this moving sign, and a real stop sign. With developments in Tesla Autopilot, the system adapts to ever-changing road conditions.

Further illustrations of the system’s comprehensive nature surfaced with a new software update. As seen in software update 2020.16.2.1, drivers’ screens now display pedestrian animations. The system’s ability to interact with real-time traffic conditions suggests enhancements in Tesla’s camera hardware and software alike. We’ve already seen drivers using Tesla Autopilot to turn at traffic lights. Anyone looking to make use of these features should first review all necessary safety guidelines.


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