Closer Look: Tesla Autopilot Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control in 2020.12.6 Update [VIDEO]

Tesla’s latest software update brings about some much-desired features for drivers. Of course with update 2020.12.6, most people are excited about the beta test version of a new Tesla Autopilot setting. With Traffic Light & Stop Sign control, Autopilot demonstrates an even greater ability to navigate roads in real time. A new video from Frugal Tesla Guy walks through a number of scenarios testing out the new setting.

The video shows the accurate distance monitoring offered by the new setting. Traffic aware cruise control uses the vehicle’s cameras and maps to detect stop signs and stoplights. An example in the video using a blind curve shows the detail of the system in action.

The video also demonstrates how the feature works with oncoming traffic after a stop. The scenario demonstrates the need for driver awareness, as the fine details of the feature are still being developed. After all, drivers must consent to use the Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control setting in beta test mode before enabling it.

Will the vehicle turn left on a red arrow when the new setting is enabled? The video tackles this question at an intersection where the left turn arrow is red, even though oncoming traffic receives a green light. As displayed, the vehicle continues to accelerate through the intersection despite the red light. Such fine details are surely evident as more drivers explore the new beta test in depth.