Tulsa, Oklahoma Releases New Video to Attract Tesla



image via Tesla Owners Club of Oklahoma

The city of Tulsa, Oklahoma continues its mission to attract a Tesla Inc. factory. At first, the city began their campaign with a series of viral marketing techniques centered on memes. In a recent stunt, they repainted a giant statue in their city in the likeness of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Now, the Tesla Owners Club of Oklahoma created a new video showcasing the city’s many features.

The video begins by praising Tesla’s many accomplishments. They cite the how the company’s history over the past decade “defined American ingenuity, to dream, to not conform. To lead and not to follow.”

Tulsa for Tesla, the name of the campaign put forth by the city, represents a union between the two entities. Just as Tesla seeks to innovate, the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma also welcomes progressive thinking in business, energy, and commerce. As such, the video states, the opportunity to combine these like-minded operations in one location happens just once in a lifetime.

The video also highlights the fact that Oklahoma currently leads the United States in wind power capacity. This appeal to Tesla’s green energy efforts further argues for a synergy between the company and the city.


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