Exhaust System Install in Tesla Model 3 [VIDEO]

image via YouTube

Tesla drivers love to customize their vehicles. Whether looking at minor modifications made to the newer Model Y, or more significant mods made to past models, Tesla’s vehicles welcome a range of custom projects. In a new video on YouTube, SneakerheadinthebayVlogs shows viewers the process of adding an exhaust system to the Tesla Model 3.

As the video states, Tesla vehicles are known for their quiet driving experience. Because the vehicles operate using state of the art battery technology, noise generation is kept to a minimum. As a result, the vehicles lack the roar found in other performance vehicles, despite boasting impressive performance statistics.

A customizable app packaged with the featured exhaust system allows users to adjust the volume of the exhaust. Additional features allow for the adjustment of the exhaust’s backfire and more. As the video shows, the exhaust system is capable of reaching significant volume levels.

The system shown has little impact on the rest of the vehicle’s performance. Installing an exhaust system certainly detracts from the original appeal of the silence offered by Tesla’s vehicles. However, the mod caters to a certain sect of hobbyists. With widespread adoption of electric vehicles growing, you can expect to see more modifications like this.