Q+A Video Covers Tesla Battery Day Predictions


Tesla has some exciting announcements coming up in the very near future. Of course, the electric vehicle manufacturer plans to announce the site of its next US-based production facility in the coming months. There’s also some news about the company’s forays into green energy in the United Kingdom. But many people are looking forward to Battery Day. After all, Tesla CEO Elon Musk called Battery Day “the most exciting day” in Tesla’s history. A new video from the Limiting Factor covers some of the most pertinent questions related to Tesla’s batteries.

YouTube video

The video begins by asking the question “what are you expecting to be announced on Battery Day?” Watt hour figures are in high demand by many Tesla enthusiasts. The video also speculates on the increased production expected at many Tesla facilities.

The shelf life of Tesla’s batteries is also called into question over the course of the video. There is some curiosity surrounding the acceleration of Tesla’s research in key areas that can improve the life of their batteries over the long term. Using battery failure as a starting point, there are many ways to improve upon designs. The more efficient a battery functions over its life, the longer it will last.