What’s New Tesla 2020.12.5 Update Cheetah Mode [VIDEO]

Tesla enthusiasts are happy to see a new software update. With update 2020.12.5, a number of upgrades became available. New additions to the dashcam provide drivers with even greater flexibility. For drivers of the Model X Performance, Cheetah Mode also adds some new performance enhancements. A new video from i1Tesla shows viewers everything they need to know about the new Tesla update.


YouTube video

As demonstrated in the video, Cheetah Mode is only available for the Tesla Model X. What is Cheetah Mode exactly? Well, it’s a new launch mode for Tesla’s electric vehicles. Cheetah Mode lowers the front end of the vehicle while lifting the back end. This new launch mode improves traction on the road and faster start times. Enhanced horsepower also makes Cheetah Mode that much more appealing.

The update affects the dashcam in a few key ways. A new icon allows for quick access to the dashcam and sentry mode. Drivers can then opt to save footage, or pull up a viewer on the screen. The new update includes some more information on Supercharger stations too. Drivers now have the ability to see which Supercharger stalls are out of order. The update also brings a number of improvements to performance and launch modes, and adds some Bluetooth upgrades.