New Update Gives Tesla Owners More Control Over Sentry Mode Clips

Tesla drivers have long enjoyed the benefits offered by Sentry Mode. The feature allows for comprehensive security both inside and outside vehicles. Combined with TeslaCam, drivers have complete control over viewing what happens in and around their car. However, in the past drivers had to transfer footage from their vehicle in order to view it. This option came only after installing special upgrades, too.

But drivers won’t have to worry about the transfer process anymore. A new Tesla update allows users to view video clips from the dashboard of their vehicle. With the new update installed, drivers can view video footage while the car is set in park. It’s important to note that a hardware storage upgrade is still needed in order to view footage from TeslaCam and Sentry Mode.

The update represents a stride forward for the security profile of Tesla’s vehicles. Because Tesla vehicles are often seen as luxury items, drivers have long been concerned about the security of their vehicles. While TeslaCam and Sentry Mode on their own offer a robust security model, the inability to view clips right away detracted from the efficiency. With the new update installed, Tesla owners have even greater control over the security of their vehicles.