Tesla Documentary Covers Elon Musk’s Journey ‘To Hell and Back with the Model 3’

With the recent release of the Tesla Model Y it’s a fine time to take a look back at the company’s progress over the years. In their new retrospective documentary, “How Elon Musk Took Tesla To Hell And Back With The Model 3” CNBC does just that.

The documentary focuses on the origins of Elon Musk’s electric vehicle manufacturer. It follows the transition from The Roadster to the Model 3. While the footage seeks to track the history of the company’s earlier years, it also does an excellent job of illuminating the larger business model and cultural relevance that Tesla has achieved today.

The video begins with quotes from the speech Elon Musk delivered during the initial Tesla Model Y reveal in March, 2019. Following up to the current day, when the Model Y is being delivered to customers across North America, the documentary analyzes Tesla’s tumultuous experience with Wall Street.

From its appeal to consumer demands to its high safety ratings, there’s no denying that the Model 3 was a huge hit for Tesla. With the Model Y showing strong support from customers already, it seems as though Tesla will continue to revolutionize the electric vehicle market. As the documentary shows, recent manufacturing troubles due to the coronavirus present one more roadblock for Tesla, but they’ve surmounted many obstacles in the past.