Tesla Model Y vs Model 3 Review Detailed in New Video

With Tesla Model Y deliveries continuing to arrive, drivers are combing over the many features and details of the new electric vehicle. But many people are still wondering what separates the Model Y from the Model 3. In a new video from Jon Rettinger, the key differences between the two are inspected in detail.

On appearance alone, it appears as though the chrome finish on the Model Y is superior to that of the Model 3. But as the video points out, the cosmetics of the new vehicle are certainly not the only factor to consider. When it comes to passenger capacity, the Model Y and the Model 3 both seat five passengers. However, the Model Y has the leg up here, as seven passenger models are expected to arrive in the coming year or so.

While both cars are fast, the Model 3 takes the cake here. As a smaller, more performance-based vehicle, the Model 3 beats the Model Y in its top speed. But that’s expected when the Model Y is Tesla’s take on a family-friendly electric vehicle. In this way, the Model Y represents a giant leap forward. Not only does the size and appearance cater to a wider range of consumers, but the interior also boasts a range of practical features to serve all kinds of drivers.