Tesla Insurance Hits Utah and Maryland, Now Available in 11 States

Tesla’s insurance program is relatively new, but with a recent move, the company is offering insurance to customers in two new states. Tesla Insurance has officially launched in Utah and Maryland, marking 11 states where the plans are available in the U.S. (via SawyerMerritt). The insurance plan is now available to a population of over […]

Tesla Insurance Launches in Oregon, Virginia and Colorado

Tesla’s Insurance offering has launched in Oregon, Virginia and Colorado (via @SawyerMerritt). The program which offers insurance based on real-time driving behaviour is available in Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Texas and now Oregon, Virginia and Colorado. Any Tesla vehicle such as the Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y in the United States can sign […]

Tesla Insurance Set for Europe Next, After Wider U.S. Rollout

Tesla announced on its Q4 2021 earnings call the next market for its Tesla Insurance product, which offers insurance based on real-time driving data collected by the company’s Safety Score metric, will be Europe. Currently, Tesla Insurance is only available in Arizona, California, Illinois, Ohio and Texas. Tesla says its insurance product “encourages safer driving,” […]

Tesla Insurance Launches in Arizona and Ohio

Tesla Insurance has launched in Arizona and Ohio today, joining California, Illinois and Texas (via @SawyerMerritt). The electric automaker’s website now reads, “get competitive rates in Arizona, California, Illinois, Ohio and Texas in as little as one minute. Insurance based on real-time driving behavior now available in Arizona, Illinois, Ohio and Texas.” Tesla Insurance is […]

Tesla Insurance Expanding to Arizona, Ohio in January 2022: Report

Tesla’s safety score-calculated insurance program is launching in multiple states across the U.S., and a new rumor holds that it will be expanding to a few more in the months to come. Tesla Insurance is expected to expand to Arizona and Ohio as soon as next month, according to information shared by Tesla insider Sawyer […]

Tesla Insurance Launches in Illinois, Joining California and Texas

Tesla’s recently-launched insurance service began in California, then expanded to Texas, and it has now officially launched in a third state. Tesla Insurance is now available in Illinois according to @SawyerMerritt. The insurance program from Tesla uses real-time driving data to create its rates, rather than traditional insurance formulas and the number of accidents and […]

Tesla Pours Cold Water on Reported Insurance Registrations in China

Tesla denied claims of its August insurance registrations in China being at the 2,000 level on Weibo on Friday, a figure which had been previously reported by the China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC), according to CNEVPost. The report from CATARC said Tesla had registered 2,802 insurance units in China in August, though the […]