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Tesla Model Y Cars Look Ready to Leave Giga Texas [VIDEO]

With Tesla officially set to host a grand opening party at Gigafactory Texas on April 7, according to CEO Elon Musk, it should come as no surprise that some of the first Model Y units are ready to head out the door. Drone pilot and videographer Jeff Roberts shared new drone footage of Gigafactory Texas […]

Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas Has Model Y Long Range Cars Under Wraps

After leaked videos showed Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas in full swing earlier this week, outdoor parking lots at the site appear to be gearing up for some deliveries. A number of Tesla Model Y Long Range compact crossover SUVs were spotted at Gigafactory Texas, shared in photos by drone videographer Jeff Roberts (@peterdog15) on Thursday. The […]

Leaked Videos Show Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas in Full Swing

Tesla shared new photos from inside Gigafactory Texas last month, and a new series of videos has been shared showing Model Y units and more. One visitor shared public Snapchat footage of the inside of Gigafactory Texas, depicting over 20 Model Y units spotted inside the factory (via @Sawyer Merritt). The footage shows a long […]

Tesla Gigafactory Texas Construction Update Shows a Busy Saturday [4K VIDEO]

Jeff Roberts shared a new construction update for Tesla’s American Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, with drone footage captured on Saturday, January 22, which turned out to be quite the busy Saturday at the site. Saturday marked day 549 of construction at Giga Texas. The video showcases some excavation work taking place in the North “cyber […]

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Texas Looks Gorgeous at Sunrise [4K VIDEO]

Joe Tegtmeyer has shared a new construction update for Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory Texas with drone footage from early in the morning on Friday. As he has done before, Tegtmeyer stitched together and compiled a visual flyover of the facility, along with a detailed explanation of the progress on the site. One of the biggest highlights […]

Drone Footage Reveals Inside Look at Giga Texas Construction [VIDEO]

Joe Tegtmeyer shared a new construction update on Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas on Wednesday, featuring a variety of compiled drone footage pieces and a detailed explanation of what’s happening on the site. As the site nears completion, Tegtmeyer uses his drones to note a number of new additions, including the arrival of new parts for the […]

Tesla Unloads 4680 Battery Production Equipment at Giga Texas [VIDEO]

As Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory for electric vehicle (EV) production nears completion, a new set of photos shows what is likely new 4680 battery cell production equipment being loaded into the U.S. automaker’s new facility. @Joe Tegtmeyer shared photos of some modular 4680 battery cell production equipment being loaded into Gigafactory Texas’ battery structure’s third floor […]

‘Tesla Road’ Sign Put Up Outside Giga Texas Before Approval

A sign in Texas calling Exit 446 “Tesla Road” has popped up in recent weeks outside of the Tesla Gigafactory, which is nearing final approval, although the name hasn’t yet been approved by local authorities. Technically, there isn’t a “Tesla Road” registered in Travis County, Texas, and a name change from the current “Harold Green […]

Tesla Seeks Final Approval for Gigafactory Texas, Moves Closer to Official Opening

On Friday, Tesla filed for final approval of five of the production facilities at its under-development Gigafactory in Austin, TX, with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and the Texas Appraisal Review Board (ARB) — via @SawyerMerritt. The filings disclose exact construction start and completion dates for each of the production sites, along with […]

Tesla Gigafactory Austin Construction Update: Day 452 [VIDEO]

Tesla officially announced plans to move its headquarters from Fremont, California to Austin, Texas earlier this month, just a few months ahead of the company’s completion of Gigafactory Austin. A new video shared by Jeff Roberts on Sunday shows drone footage of the Gigafactory Austin site as it begins nearing completion, taken on the site’s […]

Tesla Gigafactory Texas Construction Update: August 23 [4K VIDEO]

Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas broke 8 million square feet earlier this month, and with the factory set to begin producing the company’s first Texas-made Model Y prototypes this month, construction is looking closer to completion than ever. Terafactory Texas shared a new update on Tuesday, depicting 4K drone flyover footage of Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas construction site, […]

Tesla Gigafactory in Texas Will Span ‘Almost a Mile Long’: Musk

Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas was awarded the “Manufacturing Project of the Year” last month, and as the factory begins preparing for production later this year, even the head of the company is praising the site. In response to an article on Tesla’s Model Y production preparing to start, Tesla CEO @Elon Musk claimed he was at […]