Batch of Tesla Model Y Cars in White Spotted at Giga Texas

Photo: Joe Tegtmeyer

Drone pilot @JoeTegtmeyer spotted 11 Model Y units parked in a lot outside of Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas on Friday.

The Model Y units were noticed as parked near a group of black Model Y units, amidst near completion for the factory.

Tegtmeyer plans to release a YouTube channel later today depicting a drone flyover of the whole factory.

In addition to the white Model Y units, Tegtmeyer pointed out newly-poured concrete and plants, trees and other additions on the west side main entrance.

At its new Gigafactory in Germany, Tesla added fleece lining to the trunk on its Model Y units, though it’s not yet clear if the Texas-made versions will also include this.

Tesla is hosting a grand opening party at Gigafactory Texas on April 7, with Austin locals set to get priority invites to the event.

On Wednesday, Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas began facing backlash from some environmental groups, with the groups saying the event didn’t count as “real community engagement.”

The environmental groups include the Colorado River Conservancy and Austin-based PODER, both of which cited noise, traffic congestion, dust and water pollution as concerns with the factory.

It’s not certain that the groups will be able to stop or delay the event, as it has already been approved to proceed.