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Tesla Highlights Cyber Rodeo 2022 in New Video [WATCH]

Tesla shared a new video on Friday, highlighting its recent Cyber Rodeo event at Giga Texas, where the company kicked off the first deliveries of its Model Y compact crossover with 4680 structural battery packs. The video below highlights the factory itself, along with the festivities at Cyber Rodeo, including its live music, factory tour, […]

Here are Some of the Best Giga Texas Factory Tours from Cyber Rodeo [VIDEOS]

A pair of recently published videos from Singapore YouTuber Daren Yoong give us an attendee’s perspective of Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo event last week to celebrate the grand opening of the electric vehicle (EV) maker’s $1.1 billion USD Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. Yoong’s coverage comprises some of the best videos we’ve seen so far of the […]

Watch Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo Event in Just 3 Minutes [VIDEO]

To celebrate the grand opening of its $1.1 billion USD Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, Tesla held the ‘Cyber Rodeo’ event at the facility on Thursday. Check out a 3-minute-30-second “Gigacut” of the entire live event below, courtesy of Sam Alexander: After a mesmerizing drone light show, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to the stage and […]

Tesla Launches Made in Texas Model Y Deliveries at ‘Cyber Rodeo’

Tonight was Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo event at its newest Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. Tesla threw an incredible event for invite-only participants, offering them a self-led tour of the factory, then CEO Elon Musk joined the stage after 9pm local time to share details about Tesla’s past, present and future. Later in the talk by Musk, […]

Final Tesla Cyber Rodeo Event Prep: Model Y Texas Flag Complete [PICS]

The day is here for Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo event at Gigafactory Texas, and ahead of the factory opening event and coinciding live stream, one videographer has spotted a number of completed decorations for the party. @JoeTegtmeyer has shared new photos of decorations for tonight’s Gigafactory Texas Cyber Rodeo event, with doors set to open at […]

How to Watch: Tesla Cyber Rodeo Live Stream [VIDEO]

Tesla is set to kick off its Cyber Rodeo grand opening event at its latest Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, tonight. The event is invite-only and will see CEO Elon Musk attend, plus give a speech at “around” 9pm local time. Doors open at 4pm, while festivities will begin at 8pm, according to the latest information […]

Tesla Cyber Rodeo Event to Live Stream Online, Elon Musk to Speak

Telsa announced on late Wednesday evening it would be live streaming online its invite-only Cyber Rodeo grand opening party at Giga Texas. The live stream will start at 9pm CT, or 7pm PDT/10pm EDT. Cyber Rodeo livestream will start at 9 pm CT on April 7 — Tesla (@Tesla) April 7, 2022 Tesla CEO […]