Security Flaws Discovered in Popular EV Charging Brands: Researchers

Cyber-attacks remain one of the biggest potential threats to user security amidst the growth of the digital electric vehicle (EV) world, as was witnessed in a hacker breach of over 150,000 security cameras earlier this year – and the problem could be witnessed more in the future from using some of the world’s most popular […]

UK Examines EV Charging Sector to Fight Range Anxiety

Along with many countries and regions, the United Kingdom is taking a serious inventory of its electric vehicle (EV) industry, in order to help honor its commitment to its self-dubbed “green industrial revolution.” The United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is now inspecting the EV market and its charging infrastructure within the country, and […]

ChargePoint Charging Stations Now Sync with Apple CarPlay

ChargePoint, a major electric vehicle (EV) charging network, is now functional with Apple CarPlay, giving EV owners the ability to check for ChargePoint charging stations in advance via CarPlay, and sync up their CarPlay app for remote access to charge information, among other things. The new pairing of features simply allows for a more streamlined […]