ChargePoint Rolling Out Tesla NACS EV Chargers

Chargepoint tesla nacs

ChargePoint announced it is introducing support for Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) connectors in its AC and DC charging solutions. The move aims to expand fast charging options for Tesla drivers, who will receive cable conversion kits for existing DC fast chargers starting in November.

“With more than 35 million historical ChargePoint sessions initiated by Tesla vehicles, we saw the need to offer native connector solutions for this large portion of the EV market.” He added that the new support “opens up ChargePoint’s DC chargers to millions of drivers who have not yet had a fast charging alternative to the Tesla ecosystem, and makes their AC charging experience more convenient,” said Pasquale Romano, CEO of ChargePoint, in a statement.

The company’s NACS-compatible lineup is part of its broader commitment to providing a seamless charging experience for all EV drivers. ChargePoint is the first in the industry to ship a native DC connector compatible with Tesla vehicles, eliminating the need for an additional adapter. The lineup also includes AC solutions and will feature cables for ChargePoint’s popular Home Flex, set to ship this month for residential installations.

The announcement comes as numerous automakers have recently adopted the NACS standard for their upcoming models, including Toyota today and BMW Group earlier this week.