SpaceX Expands Starlink Discounts to Canada

SpaceX has reduced the cost of its Starlink dish to $144 USD in certain parts of Canada as part of its new “regional savings” program.

This initiative, originally launched for U.S. customers in 28 states, aims to attract more subscribers by offering significant discounts, reports PCMag.

“In Canada, new orders in certain regions are eligible for a one-time savings in areas where Starlink has abundant network availability,” SpaceX stated on its support page. Customers ordering from will receive a $300 discount on their Starlink kit. If the dish is activated after purchasing from a retailer, a $300 credit will be applied.

Previously, SpaceX charged Canadian users $599 CAD for Starlink dishes. With the new discount, the price is reduced to $499 CAD, further dropping to $199 CAD ($144 USD) after the $300 discount.

However, the discount applies only to the second-generation Starlink dish, not the latest V4 dish available in the U.S. Users must also pay $140 CAD per month for internet access.

The regional savings program is available in seven provinces: Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. It is limited to residential Starlink tier customers. SpaceX has implemented rules to prevent consumers outside these areas from accessing the discount. If a customer moves or changes their service plan, they will be billed for the original savings amount.