SpaceX Cuts Starlink Dish Prices, Debuts Regional Savings Program

SpaceX has announced a price reduction for its new V4 Starlink dish from $599 to $499, and introduced a “regional savings” program that reduces the cost further to $299 for new subscribers in specific areas. The updated pricing was revealed on Starlink’s official service plan and checkout pages today (via PCMag).

Retailers Best Buy and Home Depot are also offering the Starlink dishes at the new price of $499, reflecting a $100 discount. Who knows how long this discount will last for. SpaceX changes its pricing periodically.

In an apparent effort to attract more customers in the United States, SpaceX has implemented a $200 “regional savings” discount on the same day, available to new subscribers who join the residential service plan. The official Starlink site details that this discount is available in areas where the network has abundant availability.

Take a look at our screenshot below that shows the $499 USD pricing:

“In the United States, new orders in certain regions are eligible for a one-time savings in areas where Starlink has abundant network availability,” the company explained on a new support page. “A $200 discount will be applied to your Starlink kit price when ordering on, and if activated after purchasing from a retailer, a $200 credit will be applied.”

The regional savings program applies to new customers in 27 states, including California, New York, and Florida.

To prevent users in other states from abusing the savings program, SpaceX’s support page warns: “Customers who change their service address to an address that is not a regional savings area will be billed the amount of the regional savings.” Additionally, users are barred from transferring their Starlink account to another customer until 120 days after the order is placed.

SpaceX has experimented with various strategies to increase its Starlink user base. These efforts included offering the Starlink dish at $349 for select users in four US states and selling refurbished Starlink dishes for $399. Both of these programs have since been phased out.