Starlink Kits Now Sold at Costco USA, Canada and UK

Starlink costco canada

Back in August, SpaceX’s Starlink hardware made its way into Costco warehouses in Japan, and now we’re seeing an expansion of the latter’s availability.

Costco warehouses in Canada, specifically in Toronto, Canada, are now selling Starlink hardware for $499.99 CAD, product number 3030630. Buying your Starlink kit from Costco includes two months of service credit, which works out to a $280 CAD (since Starlink residential costs $140 CAD per month). Costco says the $499.99 price goes until December 31, 2023.

On Starlink’s website, the company’s kit costs the same price at $499, but you can also buy a refurbished kit for $250 CAD in Canada.

The aim of Starlink is to provide rural residents with high-speed internet access. Those in cottage country outside of the Greater Toronto Area will appreciate being able to pick up a Starlink kit right away from Costco, backed by the latter’s excellent return policy.

It’s worth pointing out these are second-gen Starlink dishes, whereas a new third-generation dish was recently revealed last month with a Cybertruck-like design and will likely launch soon.

Also, Costco USA’s website is also selling Starlink kits, but the more expensive flat high performance kit at $2,499.99, which also includes two months of service credit ($500 value). It’s unclear when the regular Starlink kit will hit

In the UK, Costco warehouses are also selling Starlink kits with two months of credit as well priced at $369.99 GBP. Looks like SpaceX is doing a good job of ramping up the production of Starlink kits for greater retail distribution.

Th most recent Starlink launch took place on Friday, December 8, where 22 more Starlink dishes were sent into low-earth orbit from Space Launch Complex 4 East (SLC-4E) at Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. This was the 13th flight for this particular Falcon 9 booster, which is super impressive in terms of reusability.