Starlink Hardware Now Available at Costco Japan

Starlink japan costco

Costco in Japan began offering Starlink satellite communication equipment for sale on August 24th. This marks the first time that the product is available for purchase in a domestic retail setting.

The equipment has been launched at a newly opened store in Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture, with plans to roll out to 32 additional stores in the near future, reports (via @SERobinsonJr).

The “standard kit” is also listed on Costco’s website, priced at 73,000 yen, inclusive of the shipping fee. However, until September 11th, customers can jump on a promotional half-price offer, bringing the cost down to 36,500 yen, which works out to $250 USD.

starlink costco japan

As an added incentive for Costco shoppers, they will receive a credit of 13,200 yen ($90 USD), which can be put towards Starlink’s monthly usage fee. The equipment is available in two variations: “Residential”, designed for stationary use, and Roam, suitable for use on the move.

This is pretty cool seeing Starlink hardware at Costco. I guess if you don’t like the service, you can always return the Starlink hardware for a refund, while also grabbing your $1.50 hot dog and pop?