2024.9.5 Release Notes: FSD 12.4 with Camera Monitoring, No Steering Nag

2024 9 5 vision based attention monitoring

Image via Tessie

Tesla has started rolling out software update 2024.9.5 to internal employee testers, introducing Full Self-Driving (FSD) 12.4 (Supervised) with a Vision-Based Attention Monitoring feature, reports Tessie and Not a Tesla App.

The update is available for the new Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y.

The Vision-Based Attention Monitoring feature primarily relies on the cabin camera to assess driver attentiveness when FSD (Supervised) is enabled.

This function requires clear and continuous visibility of the driver’s eyes. If the camera is obstructed or if the driver is wearing items such as sunglasses or a hat with a low brim, the system will revert to a combination of torque-based (steering wheel) and vision-based monitoring.

In other words, this new Vision-Based Attention Monitoring will eliminate the steering wheel nag, if the cabin camera can see your eyes. Otherwise, the steering wheel nag will remain. Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased previously the nag would be removed in FSD 12.4.

If inattentiveness is detected, a warning will appear, which can be dismissed by returning attention to the road. Persistent inattentiveness will escalate warnings, potentially leading to a Strikeout. Tesla ensures that cabin camera images do not leave the vehicle unless data sharing is enabled.

Regarding Tesla owners still using FSD 11 despite paying for FSD, Musk stated, “Should be very rare after the 12.4 rollout. We have to sync up vehicle software (way too many hardware variants) with FSD.”