Tesla Counters Claims of Low FSD Subscription Adoption Rates

Recent headlines have suggested that the adoption rate for Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) service is under 2%, based on data from a small sample size and figures from YipitData.

YipitData’s latest analysis indicates that nearly 3,500 Tesla owners trialed the company’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) service over the past month. However, only about 50 of these trials converted into FSD subscriptions or purchases, translating to a conversion rate of just under 2% as of May 5th.

In response to these claims, Tesla CEO Elon Musk countered the data on X. Responding to a query from @WholeMarsBlog, Musk stated, “I don’t comment on everything, as sometimes I don’t see it and commenting on everything makes it easy to fish for information. The take rate is much higher than 2%. Please.”

Tesla recently cut the price of its FSD subscriptions in the U.S., and debuted the option in Canada, both priced at $99/month locally. FSD version 12.3.x is superior to the previous version 11, with more versions to come according to Musk.