Tesla Cuts FSD Subscription Pricing to $99; Referral Reward Drops 40%

Fsd 99 month

Tesla has just cut Full Self-Driving (FSD) subscription pricing to $99 USD, which is a 50% drop compared to its previous $199 pricing.

If you go into the Tesla app under Upgrades, the Subscribe tab is showing Full Self-Driving Capability at $99, as shown by @BLKMDL3.

The change comes as Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been “liking” numerous tweets earlier today about the idea of FSD pricing dropping to $99.

For now, FSD subscriptions have yet to expand to Canada, but are expected to before one-month trials expires at the end of April. This price drop would put FSD subscription pricing in Canada to roughly $135 CAD per month, which would definitely be more enticing than $270 CAD per month, the USD equivalent.

Update April 12, 3:29pm PDT: Tesla just confirmed FSD subscriptions will cost $99 CAD in Canada. That’s a better deal considering the exchange rate (works out to $72 USD roughly).

As for FSD subscriptions in the Tesla app as part of referral rewards, you can now redeem for 6,000 credits, instead of 10,000 credits, points out @SawyerMerritt. That’s a 40% drop in credits price.

With FSD 12.3.x seeing some huge improvements over version 11, Tesla looks to draw in more customers and start seeking increased revenue from subscriptions beyond Premium Connectivity.

Will you be subscribing to FSD now that it is priced at $99 USD?