Quebec Court Approves Class Action Lawsuits Against Tesla

The Quebec Superior Court in Quebec, Canada, has authorized two class action lawsuits against Tesla, as confirmed by law firms in Montreal and Granby on Wednesday. The suits received approval last September and target specific issues related to Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y vehicles.

In the first lawsuit, the plaintiff alleges that Tesla Models 3 and Y manufactured since January 1, 2018, suffer from premature paint deterioration. To date, over 25,000 of these Tesla models have been sold in Quebec.

The second lawsuit accuses Tesla of failing to provide a premium connectivity service that was supposed to be included in the purchase of all Tesla-branded cars sold between July 1, 2018, and May 18, 2020. Tesla allegedly charged owners a fee to continue accessing the service or terminated it for those who refused to pay. Lawyers note that this premium service has been free of charge since May 2020 for these vehicles, reports CTV News.

Law firms CBG Avocats in Montreal and CBL Avocats in Granby are inviting anyone who has owned or currently owns a Tesla car covered by one of these authorized class actions to contact them for legal guidance. Quebec is known for offering consumer protections in Canada, hence these class action lawsuits being approved. It’ll be interesting to see how Tesla will react to the lawsuits.