Tesla Engineers Reveal In-House Audio System Design and Capabilities

Tesla engineers recently shared insights into the company’s in-house audio system design and its unique features. In a video shared on Friday title, “Tesla Audio | Maximum Music Dopamine,” the team elaborated on the various aspects that contribute to the audio system’s quality.

“In order to make a really good sound system for our customers, we need to meet many aspects of sound quality. Number one is tonal balance, enough bass and treble, etc., but also stereo imaging. You also want low distortion and you want to be able to play loud. If all of these four things are really strong, then it’s really a great sound system,” said a Tesla engineer named Markus.

The video showcased Tesla’s full anechoic chamber for the first time, a specialized room with conical-shaped acoustic panels that absorb sound reflections. “This is where we do all our prototype design testing, trying to design the most effective solution for our vehicles,” the engineer added.

The team also discussed the importance of speaker placement. For high or mid frequencies, the location is crucial, while for low frequencies, a rigid mounting is more important. “This is a subwoofer from a Model Y, and there are a couple of remarkable things about this. The first is how large it is, and that large volume contributes directly to the performance of the subwoofer in the car,” said another Tesla engineer, Matt.

Tesla’s audio system also includes a digital signal processing (DSP) app for diagnostics. “This is an app we have which exposes a little bit more of what the DSP is doing in the car. We’re using this for diagnostics so we can quickly figure out if there’s a problem with the car,” explained the engineer.

The video highlighted that Tesla’s audio system is not just for music but also for video and gaming capabilities. “Tesla is special because you also have video and gaming capabilities. Very few cars currently let you do that. With the subwoofer and the woofers in the car, the effects of watching a movie sound much bigger than the screen or the car,” said Tesla.

We also get to see a dummy named ‘Tessie’ that sits in the driver’s seat to simulate a human listening to audio.

“120dB+ for a kick drum you can feel in your stomach. Developed entirely in-house, our audio system provides an excellent listening experience for music, gaming or video content, no matter which seat you’re in,” touted Tesla.

It’s another fascinating video from Tesla’s engineering team, showcasing the company’s incredible dedication to its vehicle features, especially in-car audio. It’s such a joy to listen to music and watch movies in a Tesla.

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