Tesla Model Y ‘Juniper’ Concept Imagined by Designer [VIDEO]

model y juniper concept

With Tesla’s new Model 3 refresh being fully-revealed and soon delivering to customers, we are seeing more concepts imagining the new design on the Model Y.

According to a fresh video shared by @LaMianDesign, we see the new front headlights and rear taillights on the Model 3 applied to the rumoured Model Y refresh, or ‘Juniper’.

Tesla is known to trickle down new features to cars and with Model 3 and Model Y, the high-volume vehicles, it’s no surprise that features would eventually align.

That means the Model Y ‘Juniper’ refresh should likely get the same front headlights, taillights, and interior upgrades such as rear display, interior RGB lighting, ventilated seats, more acoustic glass, better sound system, upgraded display, blind spot indicators and more.

Check out the video concept below from LaMianDesign:

“A 3D virtual forecasting work. Based on the styling elements of the new model 3. This is just a sample demo. There are many bugs,” said the designer who also previously shared some concept images.

Last time we saw the same designer share images and now we’re seeing it all come together in a short video.

Are you waiting for the Model Y refresh to debut? It seems like it could be at least a year or two away at this point.