Tesla Planning Model Y ‘Juniper’ Refresh for 2024, Says Report

Tesla is preparing a revamp to Model Y production dubbed “Juniper,” according to three sources familiar with the upcoming plan, reports Reuters.

The changes will apply to the Model Y’s interior and exterior, and Tesla is reportedly targeting October 2024 for production, according to two of the sources. The sources also said that Tesla has requested quotes from multiple suppliers for the Model Y Juniper.

The news comes as Tesla prepares its Model 3 Highland refresh, meaning that the Juniper Model Y would be the second revamp of its flagship designs in two years.

The Highland Model 3 revamp is set to simplify the interior and exterior builds of the car, though it isn’t yet clear if this is the direction the Model Y Juniper production shifts will take.

The Model 3 Highland will reportedly head to production at Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai as soon as November. The simplified model is expected to cut production costs and increase efficiency.

The news also comes just ahead of Tesla’s Investor Day, in which the company plans to unveil its Master Plan 3 focused on “scaling to extreme size,” according to past statements from Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

In previous Master Plans, Musk has detailed plans to build increasingly affordable cars using profits from each previous generation of cars.

The Model 3 Highland and Model Y Juniper projects could signify a shift toward more affordable mass-market vehicles, with lower production costs and higher production efficiencies.

Are you ready for a Model Y refresh? It would be nice to have some new colours such as Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red in North America, right?