New Tesla Model 3 Gets Full Tour at Munich Auto Show [VIDEO]

new model 3 munich

Out of Spec Reviews recently showcased the latest facelift of the Tesla Model 3 in a detailed video tour from the IAA in Munich, Germany. This in-depth exploration revealed a series of upgrades and enhancements that the electric vehicle has undergone.

The most striking change is evident in the car’s exterior styling. The front end, in particular, has been revamped to present a more modern and flush design. But this Model 3 isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about performance. The car now boasts greater efficiency, a premium interior, and an upgraded sound system.

For the tech-savvy viewers, Kyle delved into the various drivetrain options available for the Model 3, emphasizing the vehicle’s enhanced efficiency. A significant upgrade highlighted was the complete redesign of the front suspension, which promises a quieter and more comfortable ride.

In terms of lighting, Tesla has innovated with a new headlight design that integrates the fog light, giving the car a sleeker appearance. Inside, the back seat has seen improvements with the introduction of double pane glass, a top-notch sound system, and redesigned seats for added comfort.

Storage enthusiasts will be pleased to note that the trunk space has been expanded, accompanied by a fresh design that maximizes utility. Tesla has moved the washer fluid refill down to the lower front, making for a more convenient spot. He says the frunk latch close feels better than before.

As for the rear trunk, when it’s open the brake lights now open on the bumper, where reverse lights are also located.

The glove box also now closes with a magnetic latch, which is new.

Kyle’s video culminated with his eager anticipation to test drive the Model 3. He expressed particular interest in the driver’s seat experience and the overall feel of this refreshed version.

With this latest refresh, Tesla reaffirms its dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, and Kyle’s tour provides an insightful look into what potential owners can expect. Check it out below:

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