Rivian Reveals Range for Dual-Motor R1T Models

In an update on Thursday, electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian has revealed the EPA-estimated range for its Dual-Motor and Performance Dual-Motor R1T models.

The company took to X to announce that these models offer the best range in their lineup, boasting up to 410 miles with the Max pack and 21-inch wheels.

According to the tweet, the Max pack paired with 21-inch wheels delivers an impressive 410 miles of range. When the Max pack is paired with 22-inch wheels, the range slightly drops to 380 miles. For off-road enthusiasts, the Max pack with 20-inch all-terrain (AT) wheels offers a range of 355 miles.

For those opting for the Large pack, the R1T still offers competitive range figures. With 21-inch wheels, the Large pack provides an EPA-estimated range of 352 miles. This figure drops to 341 miles with 22-inch wheels and 307 miles with 20-inch AT wheels.

Rivian has garnered attention for its focus on producing electric vehicles with high performance and range capabilities. The company also teased that full range figures for the R1S model will be released soon, adding to the anticipation among electric vehicle enthusiasts.

It remains to be seen if Rivian can continue to ramp up production of its R1T and R1S electric vehicles. All eyes are on Tesla to reveal the range coming for its Cybertruck.