Tesla and Rivian Back Right-to-Repair Deal with Telematics

In a significant move supporting automotive repair rights, both Tesla and Rivian have endorsed an agreement that advocates for the inclusion of crucial telematics data.

This commitment, backed by leading automakers and independent repair shops, signifies a substantial step towards transparency and consumer rights in the automotive industry.

Both electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers expressed their support through letters addressed to top executives of the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, Automotive Service Association, and Society of Collision Repair Specialists. The commitment, unveiled in July, solidifies the consensus on automotive repair rights, reports Automotive News.

Rivian’s Chief Policy Officer, Alan Hoffman, stated in a letter sent on August 9, “Rivian agrees that our customers should have access to safe and proper repairs throughout a vehicle’s life cycle and further is aligned with supporting the independent repair community as provided in the commitment.”

Echoing Rivian’s sentiments, Rohan Patel, Vice President of Public Policy and Business Development at Tesla, mentioned, “In addition to supporting the customer’s right to choose their preferred method of repairing their vehicle, Tesla also protects drivers’ safety and security through industry-backed standards. The commitment aligns with Tesla’s mission and our focus on supporting our customer’s rights while protecting their safety and security.”

It’s notable that neither Tesla nor Rivian are members of the alliance, which includes automotive giants like General Motors and Toyota. The new agreement ensures that independent repair shops retain access to the same diagnostic and repair information that automakers provide to their authorized dealer networks. This access extends to telematics data, which is pivotal for diagnosing and repairing vehicles.

Amidst this progressive shift, the CAR Coalition, comprising members such as AutoZone, cast doubt on the agreement’s genuine intent. Justin Rzepka, the group’s Executive Director, criticized the agreement, stating it was “nothing more than window dressing.”

With Congress currently deliberating right-to-repair legislation that targets the automotive sector, this endorsement by Tesla and Rivian further highlights the ongoing debate and the future of automotive repair rights.