Rivian 2023.30.0 Update Release Notes for R1S, R1T

Rivian has launched the 2023.30.0 software update for its R1S and R1T models, offering users a slew of new features and enhancements designed to improve their driving experience. Here’s a comprehensive overview of what’s new in this software update made available on August 16, 2023:

1. One-Touch Garage Door Opener: For those constantly on the go, the vehicle’s display now prompts an ‘open/close’ option as drivers approach or leave a set garage location. Through the right thumb control button on the steering wheel, garage doors can be effortlessly managed. The GPS-based feature even accommodates users with multiple garages.

2. Navigation Enhancements:

  • Search Results: Places’ search results now display drive times, enabling direct navigation access.
  • Charging Stops: Charging stops on a trip are highlighted with pins, indicating the planned charging time and charger speed. The number of lightning bolt icons differentiates charging speeds.
  • Target Charge Level: On reaching a charging stop, the arrival message shows the recommended charging level.

3. Smartphone-to-Vehicle Navigation: Seamlessly share text addresses from smartphones directly to the vehicle’s navigation system. This integration is compatible with Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Yelp.

4. EVgo Autocharge+ Support: The Rivian now supports the EVgo Autocharge+ system. After a one-time setup and VIN verification, users can begin a charging session simply by plugging in their vehicle.

5. Additional Improvements Include:

  • Lock/Unlock Enhancements: More responsive proximity and active unlocking, complemented by independent lock and unlock options on the center display.
  • DC Fast Charging: Up to 2.5 minutes quicker charging at high battery temperatures. Additionally, battery cooling noise has been reduced.
  • Driver+ Features: Added chimes for Adaptive Cruise Control disengagement and visual cues on the driver display regarding Highway Assist speed limits.
  • Alexa Integration: Enhanced commands for third-row vent management and various bug fixes to ensure a smoother Alexa experience.
  • Bluetooth Optimizations: Improved stability for audio connections, the option to disconnect smartphones, and a solution to a display issue related to paired devices.

Nice to see that Rivian is able to offer these new features in a software update for its owners, similar to what Tesla pioneered.