Giga Texas Braces for Major Upgrades, Shift Changes: Report

According to drone pilot Joe Tegtmeyer based in Austin, Tesla’s Giga Texas factory is preparing for significant changes in the coming weeks, including production line upgrades and shift alterations.

The following info is “assembled from various channels [and] a few observations I’ve made,” said Tegtmeyer, who has tracked Giga Texas from start to finish.

“Model Y production will be paused for line upgrades in the beginning of July,” Tegtmeyer shared via Twitter.

This temporary shutdown is expected to last approximately five days. Upon completion, the plant plans to switch from swing shifts to more traditional Day and Night shifts, which Tegtmeyer says is a highly anticipated change among the employees.

Despite these changes, a slight initial decline in the Model Y production rate is anticipated post-upgrades. “This is to allow employees to be trained and become familiar with the revised production lines, equipment, and layouts,” Tegtmeyer explained.

However, he is optimistic about a quick recovery and an even higher production rate than the current 5,000 Model Ys per week once the team adapts to the new system.

Tegtmeyer also mentioned that those previously assigned to swing shifts would be redirected to finalize the testing and calibration of the Cybertruck production lines, a process expected to span throughout July and early August.

In addition to these changes at the Giga Texas facility, Tegtmeyer highlighted a new manufacturing site located approximately 20 miles southwest of Giga Texas, in Kyle, Texas.

“This site is reported to produce seats and possibly some other sub-assemblies,” he noted, adding that it might support both Model Y and Cybertruck production. Although the exact timeline is uncertain, production at this new facility is likely to commence within the next few months.

This new manufacturing site aims to increase overall production capacity, amplifying Tesla’s ability to meet demand, Tegtmeyer added. This update signals Tesla’s ongoing commitment to scaling its production capabilities, a key factor in its mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.