Here are Tesla Cybertruck Interior Photos [PICS]

Cybertruck interior 3

At Tesla’s recent annual shareholder meeting at Giga Texas, the company had all of their vehicles on display, alongside the upcoming Cybertruck front and centre.

We now have some of the best interior Cybertruck photos seen to date, showcasing what it will look like when seated inside the electric pick up.

A couple of images were shared online on the Cybertruck Owners Club forums and spread quickly across the web, and the original source appears to be unknown, aside from some Weibo watermarks on the images.

We see a glimpse of the Cybertruck’s steering wheel that is shaped like Giga Texas itself it seems, with no gear stalks present. We see touch controls and round steering wheel buttons as seen on Tesla’s yoke steering wheel. There’s no front driver display ahead of the steering wheel.

The center console is a manual slider and the interior is very minimal in nature. Where’s room for the sixth seat?

You can see the dashboard looks to be covered in cloth or Alcantara and spans very long and wide, given the Cybertruck’s design.

Cybertruck interior

We also get a side view of the seat controls, which of course come with a cool Cybertruck theme of straight lines. There are also some dangling cables underneath the display.

Tesla is set to produce the Cybertruck later this year at Giga Texas, with tooling equipment already being installed. A Cybertruck delivery event will take place later this year confirmed Elon Musk, while we all anticipate the final release of crash testing teased by the company in April.

Do you think this is the final Cybertruck prototype? Or is Tesla holding out the final design for its delivery event?