Here’s Tesla Cybertruck at the Annual Shareholder Meeting [PICS]

Cybertruck tesla shareholders meeting

Image via @MatthewDR

Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting is set to kick off in under an hour. Taking place at Giga Texas, Tesla has its upcoming Cybertruck parked front and center at the newly finished entrance of the building, which looks like the ‘Plaid’ animation.

Check out some up-close Cybertruck pictures below from the following attendees at Giga Texas right now:

According to Aaron Cash, there are over 1,000 chairs ready for attendees:

Tesla also has its Semi, plus Model Y in Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red on display at Giga Texas right now as well.

God, these new colours of the Model Y and Cybertruck just look drop-dead gorgeous in the Texas sun. Hopefully, new Model Y colors will make their way to North America, and not just for Europe and the Middle East.