Tesla Model Y Midnight Cherry Red vs Ultra Red vs Red Multi-coat [VIDEO]

tesla red compared

Tesla’s Model Y in Midnight Cherry Red started rolling out to European showrooms this weekend, alongside first deliveries of the new color option for the compact crossover.

Midnight Cherry Red is one of two new colors for the Model Y, exclusive to Europe and later this year for the Middle East. The color looks pretty accurate of a ‘cherry’ color palette as it changes its tone depending on available light. It’s a gorgeous new color only available from the Gigafactory Berlin paint shop.

It’s unclear if Tesla will ever expand Midnight Cherry Red and Quicksilver to North America, but let’s hope they do at some point because these new colors are so nice, and would change up the streets as there are just too many white Teslas on the roads (the default free color).

Check out some photos of the Model Y in Midnight Cherry Red below shared by @t3sla_remy:

Here’s a video from EFEIBER at the Tesla center at Mannheim Friedrichsfeld, Germany, which goes hands-on with a Model Y in Midnight Cherry Red and then compared against a Model X in Red Multi-coat and the newest Ultra Red on a Model S:

YouTube video

Which Tesla red color do you like the best? I think it’s Midnight Cherry Red first, then Ultra Red.