Tesla Model Y Midnight Cherry Red Deliveries Start This Weekend

model y midnight cherry

Tesla is set to deliver its first Model Y compact crossovers in its newest color, Midnight Cherry Red, beginning in Europe on Saturday.

According to Tesla Europe on early Friday, it said, “A wild Midnight Cherry appears…at a Tesla location near you, starting tomorrow.” The account added, “coming to the Middle East later this year.”

Tesla is also holding a Midnight Cherry Red delivery event in Munich, Germany, on Saturday to kick off deliveries, according to @Berlinergy, with even food trucks and bouncy castles for kids on hand.

Back in October 2022, Tesla debuted new Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red colors for Model Y, made at Giga Berlin. These colors are only available for Europe and the Middle East for Long Range and Performance versions of the compact crossover.

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Back in December, we saw Quicksilver versions of the Model Y hit showrooms in Europe and this weekend we’ll see the first Midnight Cherry Red colors join the mix.

Tesla has also debuted another new red color option recently, but only for the Model S and Model X, known as Ultra Red.