Here’s the Tesla Booth at Electrify Expo [PICS]

Tesla at Electrify Expo Long Beach 2

Last week we told you Tesla was set to exhibit at all Electrify Expo tour stops, starting with the first that kicked off this weekend in Long Beach, California.

Participating at these Electrify Expo stops are Tesla trying its hand at some advertising, as full booths with demo drives were made available.

Electrify Expo shared some pictures of the Tesla booth in Long Beach with Tesla North, and you can see they were pretty busy. According to the Expo, “there were thousands of people through the gates” on Saturday who got to experience Tesla and all of the other exhibitors too.

Tesla at Electrify Expo Long Beach 3

The Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y were all available at the company’s booth. The ride and drive lines were steady all day we’re told, with many people and fans “really excited” that Tesla was participating in the huge EV event.

Other remaining Electrify Expos tour stops with Tesla participating include, San Francisco, Seattle, DC, NYC, Miami and Austin.

Tesla at Electrify Expo Long Beach 4

Here’s the new Ultra Red Model X:

Tesla at Electrify Expo Long Beach 5

The company’s reliable high-volume seller, the Model 3 can be seen below:

Tesla at Electrify Expo Long Beach

“We have successfully created a not-to-be missed event for leading EV brands, and Tesla took notice,” said Electrify Expo’s Founder BJ Birtwell, in a previous statement to Tesla North.

“We are bringing out consumers with real purchase power that have the power to really move the needle, which is a demographic that Tesla is looking to hit,” added Birtwell.

Did you make it to Electrify Expo this weekend? Or are you planning any visits for future tour stops?