Tesla is Going to Try Advertising and It’s Happening This Weekend

During Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting and its Q&A session, CEO Elon Musk agreed the company would be getting into a “little advertising.”

Tesla currently doesn’t advertise its products or vehicles, as they literally speak for themselves through word-of-mouth. But now the company will start trying some advertising, and according to Electrify Expo, some of that is starting this weekend.

Earlier this week we reported Tesla would be attending all Electrify Expo tour stops, with the latter being the largest EV festival in North America.

“We have successfully created a not-to-be missed event for leading EV brands, and Tesla took notice,” said Electrify Expo’s Founder BJ Birtwell, to Tesla North.

Tesla joins Electrify Expo this year and will have a large display advertising their vehicles, with the full model lineup on hand. The company will also have a full booth, plus a ride and drive for consumers to get behind the wheel of a Tesla.

“We are bringing out consumers with real purchase power that have the power to really move the needle, which is a demographic that Tesla is looking to hit,” added Birtwell.

“When you’re planning an advertising mix, more than getting the maximum impressions, it matters that they’re the right impressions. We are the top event for car shoppers and buyers in the country and are essentially bringing the exact right people together that Tesla wants to convert to customers,” said Birtwell.

The first Electrify Expo stop is this weekend from May 19-21, at Long Beach, California at the Long Beach Convention Center.