Starlink Reaches 1.5 Million Users, Over 4,000 Satellites in Orbit

starlink dish

SpaceX announced on Friday it has reached a major milestone of 1.5 million Starlink satellite internet users worldwide.

Back in December 2022, SpaceX said Starlink had reached 1 million users, so there has been a 50% increase in about five months.

The newly-established Starlink Twitter account said on Friday, “thank you to our 1.5M+ customers around the world,” while sharing a video showcasing Starlink uses in the wild. Check out the video below:

SpaceX’s recent discounts on Starlink hardware, as much as 70% off in select nations such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand, likely helped propel its userbase. Starlink kits are also now available at select Home Depot locations in the U.S.

According to astronomer Jonathan McDowell, as of May 4, SpaceX surpassed 4,000 Starlink satellites in orbit, now at 4,023, after sending 56 more satellites into low-Earth orbit on Thursday.

SpaceX launched two Starlink prototypes back in 2018, before sending its first official Starlinks into orbit in May 2019. The total number of Starlink satellites launched to date stands at 4,340 according to McDowell’s count.